Welcome to my website!

Here, I post different projects I make, including snake, atari breakout, and the infamous "Catch the Square" game.

I am currently working on creating a login system to better moniter users on this website.

Chat Chat with your friends!

This is the newest addition to my website! Here, you can chat with others. Just select your room, login, and you're ready to go!

Update Update v2, 4/12/2018

Whew! The chat is finally complete! In the top right corner, you will se a "Chats" button. That will bring you to a page with some information. From there, you can select a Chat Room (I only have 1 at the moment), and chat away! Please be aware that your priveliges to use the chat can be revoked.

Update Update v1.1, 4/12/2018

I changed the design of the website (because I think this looks better). A chat application will hopefully be coming soon, although I am experiencing some technical difficulties with pythonanywhere at the moment.

Update Update v1, 4/9/2018

Today I just worked on making the website nicer. I know it doesn't look great, but if you had any idea of how it looked like before, you would be thankful.

Game Try the Snake Game!

Use the arrow keys to move the snake so you can eat apples to grow bigger. Be careful, however, because if you crash into the walls (or yourself!), you will die. I have also implemented a leaderboard system for this game. Fight against your friends (and foes) to get to the number one spot!

Game Atari Breakout!

Play my simplistic version of the popular game, atari breakout! Use the arrow keys to move the platform to keep the ball from hitting the bottom, while simultaneously trying to break all the blocks on the top. Have fun!

Game Try the Catch The Square!

My oh so infamous game, catch the square. Ready to rage? Try to click on a small box that continuosly moves across the screen. Good luck!